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The answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) can be found on this page. If you have further questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to call us Toll Free at 1-800-720-2583.

Q: How do I know if a claim is suspicious?
              A: There are numerous RED FLAGS to look for when evaluating a claim:

  • A claimant’s phone is rarely answered; their voicemail is always on; you are told a claimant can’t come to phone because he/she is in bed, ill, asleep, etc. All of these suggest that a claimant is not at home and is active…
  • A claimant has moved out of state, has gotten a PO Box, has a non-published phone number, etc. All of these suggest that a claimant may not want you to know where he/she is and/or how to contact them quickly – usually because they are active and trying to hide this from you…
  • A claimant’s appearance is suspicious – i.e., he/she has dirty and/or calloused hands, he/she appears tanned, he/she has been seen wearing work clothing, etc. All of these appearances suggest that a claimant is active…
  • A claimant is skilled in a trade where he/she can work for cash – i.e., roofing, construction, etc.; a claimant has a history of self-employment. These suggest that a claimant is able to work for cash without any formal record of employment… 
  • Your office has received anonymous tips or leads from co-workers, family or friends. These are excellent ways of learning that a claimant is active outside of his/her restrictions…
  • A claimant’s length of recovery doesn’t match the norm for a specific injury and/or your office has received conflicting medical reports. These situations suggest that a claimant is malingering and/or did not sustain an alleged injury…
  • A claimant’s demands are excessive, wants settlement money quickly and/or has a prior claims history. These suggest that a claimant ‘knows how the system works’ and is looking for a way to ‘win the lottery’ or earn a quick buck…

All of the above may be used separately or together to determine that a claim is suspicious. Above all, it is important to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS when evaluating a claim.

Q: Do you charge any travel expenses?
           A: If you assign a case that requires an overnight stay, we charge hotel/meals expenses at cost.

Q: What is your coverage area?
       A: We currently have full investigative staff and provide all of our services – including surveillance – throughout the United States. 

Q: How do I assign a case?
       A: You may assign a case however it is most convenient for you:

  • Call us Toll Free: 800-720-2583
  • Fax your information Toll Free: 888-720-2583 (Please feel free to use one of our Case Assignment Forms or your company’s own form)
  • Email your request: AssignACase@blueeagleinvestigations.com
  • Log onto www.blueeagleinvestigations.com and click ASSIGN A CASE

Q: How long does it take for an assignment to be completed?
       A: Once we receive your assignment, we generally try to complete our investigation and/or surveillance and have a report to you within two weeks. Of course, we accommodate rush cases at no additional charge!

Q: Will an investigator keep me posted during an assignment?
       A: Absolutely. An investigator will contact you upon receipt of the case, during each day of surveillance and/or investigation, and at the conclusion of the case. We recognize that clients have different needs and expectations regarding communications. Please let us know what your preferences are regarding contact with us and we’ll be certain to meet your expectations.

Q: How many days should I authorize for surveillance?
       A: We typically suggest 2 to 3 days of surveillance to begin an assignment. If additional surveillance is warranted, we’ll make that suggestion. We’ll also recommend to terminate a surveillance if we feel it is not feasible to get good results.

Q: Are you licensed?
       A: Yes. Blue Eagle Investigations is licensed (where applicable – some states have no licensing), bonded and insured. All of our investigators are individually licensed where applicable. And, we carry a $5,000,000 insurance policy – tops in our field!